This is me: 

I am a 30 something postgraduate student in Broadcast Journalism, and through this I have discovered my passion and skills lie, less in the journalistic aspect but more in production and creative media.

I love music. I love films. I love TV. I love popular culture. Currently I am obsessed by female singer songwriters such as Laura Marling, Eleanor Friedberger and Joni Mitchell, Bjork, PJ Harvey & Beth Orton and a bit of dirty folk/jazz music,. But I love all music, rock, classic pop, funk and soul, indie,  hip-hop, drum & bass, 70’s, 60’s, 80’s. I started collecting vinyl years ago but I was spending far too much money. Something had to go whilst being a student, to be fair most things have had to be cut down on whilst being a student.

My television viewing is varied with Newsnight followed by a bit of Jersey Shore. My favourite film of all time  is Jurassic Park. But to everyone it is the Big Lebowski. But really it’s Bird on a Wire. I love classic 50’s, 60’s and 70’s films and indie films, anything by Sofia Coppola, Coen Bros early stuff although No Country for Old Men was fantastic. I hate the so-called chick-flicks but love the romantic classics. You will never catch me watching a horror, with the exception of the odd zombie movie, but I do like modern war films, a bit of sci-fi and I absolutely love cheesy action. I love any film with Bruce Willis in, except Unbreakable – I fell asleep, and Sixth Sense. Someone told me how it ended – I feel this has now ruined my viewing pleasure.

I love travelling having spent most of my post-school years bumming around Europe and Australia. Currently being a student stops me from travelling as I have no money…except the month long trip I recently took to Australia for a friends wedding – that was fantastic!

Exercising and trying to stay healthy keeps me going. On a weekly basis I run, swim, weight-train, do yoga and play squash. I cycle everywhere and have taken up barefoot running (not as painful as it sounds). But Galaxy chocolate and beer are my weaknesses. Not together I might add. But I do take Berocca and make my own smoothies.

I dabble in a bit of photography and currently teaching myself how to take amazing photos…this is a slow process.

I hate cooking but I love to bake.

I like things being clean, tidy and organised – sensible definitely, borderline OCD, possibly.

So that’s me, not in a nutshell I’m afraid. However, if I was to put myself in a nutshell it would most probably be a Brazil nut.


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